This is a Therapist’s resource website for Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT). Here therapists have focused assignments specific to the needs of their patients. The Problems of Everyday Living on this page link to pages that clearly describe and explain each problem, provide specific assignment activities, links to REBT theory and practice, and links to other resources.

The Guide to REBT is a brief introduction to this world-renowned model of psychotherapy that patients will find informative, useful, and comforting. It will greatly assist the therapist in helping his or her patient understand the REBT model.

Therapists are invited to sendtheir patients directly to to learn the REBT basics and to find suitable homework assignments.

Therapists who primarily practice other models may also find the site useful to bolster their own knowledge of REBT.

24-7 Help is not responsible for the content of external sites—of course.

Therapists should caution their patients not to rely on this site if they are in crisis, in danger, or if they are a danger to themselves or others—this is a therapist’s resource not a clinic or intervention agency.

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